Panda's first birthday!

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day, and one year since we launched Panda!

Panda's first birthday!

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day, it's also one year since we launched Panda!

The theme for Mental Health Awareness month in 2022 is "Making mental health and well-being for all a global priority". This is in line with our vision at Panda as we try to democratise mental health.

The reality is that mental health support still remains out of reach for the majority of people. We are trying to do our part to reduce the barriers that inhibit access:

  1. Stigma
  2. Cost
  3. Not knowing how to enter the system.  

We are grateful to our early users who have used Panda as a way to be more proactive in their mental health journeys since our launch. Our users have spent over 750 000 minutes in live interactive sessions and have completed over 28 000 mental health assessments, and over 3 000 training packs. We are just getting started and we are working hard to try and make an impact.

A huge thank you to:

  1. our team for "walking through walls"
  2. our early investors for believing in our mission
  3. our users, customers, and partners for taking a chance with Panda
  4. all those who have generously given their time to host sessions in the Forest. Sharing your expertise and your experience is priceless to those who join your sessions.

On a more personal note, startups are not for the faint-hearted - thank you to my wife Shani for her endless support, and another mention to our team for making Panda a place that we can all love.


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