Proactive mental care for high performance staff.

Panda averages 45% usage - an order of magnitude higher than traditional EAPs. Learn how Panda can change your business.

Staff insights portal

Access to detailed staff mood and stress insights, time in app, assessment results and more allows your business to plan the right mental care and activities. Panda provides you with live insights into your workforce.

Actionable data

Track changes over time in your staff and the business as a whole. Learn what works, what doesn't, where you are ahead and where you are behind. Panda delivers KPIs for human capital, allowing HR to operate more efficiently.

Optimized ROI

Panda delivers a 450-600% return on investment from lowering mental health related issues in the workplace, which typically consume 14.5% of work hours. In addition, Panda lowers staff turnover and improves retention.

Why Panda insights?

Every $1 spent on mental wellness in a company returns $4.20 on average.

But where should you spend it? On what activities, what support? And how will you measure the impact in order to maximize the wellness of your staff and the company's return on investment?

Panda Insights is the answer to that question. Our B2B focused platform allows you to deliver better care to your staff than ever before, and become a data-driven HR department or business. Panda then solves these problems for you.

Custom Forest sessions

Panda will work with your team and our inhouse data scientists to create custom Forest sessions with leaders in your business, managed by our mental health professionals. Targeted discussions are held that drive utilization and improvement in your teams.

Live and interactive

Forest sessions are live, with real community members and experts and you can choose how to interact.

Your business only

Allow only your staff access to your sessions, and let them interact and ask anonymous questions as they wish.

Dedicated Customer Success

Panda will assign you your own personal customer success expert, who analyzes your data, reports back to you monthly, plans your custom content calendar, arranges in-house experts and guest appearances and more.

Managed mental health calendar

Panda will analyze your data and design a custom calendar of private sessions, leader led content, guest speaker and mental health professionals to address the stress points affecting your staff.

ROI-driven results and packages

Panda builds its service around a return on investment - not a cost center. The typical Panda package has a fully paid back return within 25 to 75 days on a yearly contract. Chat to our team for an estimate.

Our Clients

Panda works with businesses of all sizes, giving their employees access to proactive mental health support in the palm of their hand.

If you are struggling with retention and quiet quitting, or just want to help your staff - reach out to Panda to see if we can help.

Supercharge your workforce with Panda.

Schedule a call or in person meeting with us to learn how Panda can help your staff and your business.