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Replace basic EAP with modern intelligence

Employee Assistance Program

Panda provides you with access to everything that your current EAP provider offers plus much, much more. From interactive live sessions to providing your HR teams with superpowers – take your EAP to the next level.

Aligned with outcomes

Panda actively drives utilization, and averages 45-65% utilization at businesses. Traditional EAPs lose money over 8% utilization and average between 2% and 6%. This allows high care, and high fidelity insights.

Proactive and predictive care

Panda provides care for 100% of your staff, with research showing that Panda improves the well-being of low-risk cases by 12% month-on-month. Traditional EAPs wait for a critical problem and then address it.

Zero barrier to entry

Users can participate in care from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. They can anonymously join group sessions, and do not need to identify themselves or call a call center. Remove the stigma from mental care.

Precision, targeted care

Proactive mental care for high performance staff

Panda improves workplace performance by an average of 15-25% and reduces staff turnover by up to 40% with its precision platform. We provide live digital group sessions, assessments, coaching, and 1:1 care.

Everything your EAP has.
Panda includes a full service EAP offering, with trauma, financial and legal advice and unlimited 1:1 therapy.
Panda Insights.
The Panda Insights platform provides real-time business intelligence on employee mental wellness, team and corporate culture and performance with AI-driven insights.

Dive deep into data

Understand and action interventions

60% of resignations associate mental health or bad workplace culture with their reasons for leaving, and 14.5% of work hours are lost a month to poor mental healthcare.

Understand culture:
Track and analyze flight risk indicators like burnout, self-esteem issues, communication problems and more with detailed analytics and proactive interventions automatically delivered by Panda.
Action plans:
Generate dynamic action plans and interventions specifically focused on your business, and your people.
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The world's most innovative companies use Panda


Cheaper than coffee.

Invest in your staff, and your business.

Panda significantly improves retention and workplace performance, while costing less than almost any other retention or perk based product on the market.

Cost per employee per month. Panda price based on mid-size client, with standard package.

“Through Panda we continue to draw insights to understand where to bolster support and to design a fit for purpose well-being plan for the year.”

Palesa Ntoagae
Director of Human Resources, Johannesburg Stock Exchange

“We now understand what wellbeing challenges are most important to our staff and can craft specialised interventions with the Panda team [..]The entire Panda team is a pleasure to deal with”

Daniella Frank
National Employee Engagement Manager, Mazars

“In as much as I love the app, and I love it a lot, I think the most stand out feature of the Pilot has been the support we have received from the Panda team [..] has been the difference between it being limp on inception, and it being the success it was!”

Gen Brand
HR Director, SAPRO

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Panda provides a full service EAP and proactive mental wellness platform for businesses. Get in touch to start your free pilot today.

Unlimited access, and 1:1 bookings
Panda is unlimited, your staff can access the support they need, when they need it.
Content, videos, life skills
Staff can get the right care at the right time on their own personal journey.
Assessments and tracking
Know where your employees are at, and what care will best help them.
Digital Group Support
Panda's powerful group support platform allows users to drop into sessions any time.
Detailed Business Insights
Panda delivers detailed insights to support staff and improve your bottom line.
Trauma, Legal and Financial Counselling
On-site trauma counselling when needed to ensure staff are supported, and legal and financial/debt counselling protects your staff.
Pro-active support
Prevent burnout and improve employee engagement with proactive resources.
Mobile first
Connect directly with users with the Panda mobile app to deliver therapy

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Unlock proactive mental health care and actionable insights for your team! Panda provides a zero-cost pilot to qualifying companies. You'll get the full service offering, and a detailed diagnostic on the state of your workplace and employees.