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Panda Effect

How effective is Panda?

High engagement with Panda leads to a 15% month-on-month improvement in risk signals.

Highly effective, loved by users

Panda has the highest utilization in the market, driven by highly effective care.

Utilization vs traditional EAPs
monthly improvement for engaged users
Of engaged users improve their well-being
High risk and low risk

Panda improves life satisfaction for high risk users by 10% per month. Low risk users improve by 5% per month, while low-risk control groups decline on average.

High engagement high outcome

Engaging with Panda Forests 3 times per week leads to a 6% month-on-month improvement, while 8 times per week leads to a 15% month-on-month improvement.

PHQ9 improvement

Users with at least 2 Forest sessions between PHQ9 assessments show a 1.1 point improvement, while control group members decline by 1.5 points on average.

Retention impact

Mental health and workplace issues are the top reasons for attrition. Focused mental well-being helps staff to stay productive at their company.

Presenteeism and Absenteeism

Panda reduces presenteeism and absenteeism significantly for active users, and drives high returns with its high engagement rates across business users.

Chosen by Users

High engagement is key to analysis and proactive intervention, and users choose Panda more than competing solutions. Panda averages over 45% utilization across all business clients.

Cheaper than coffee.

Invest in your staff, and your business.

Panda significantly improves retention and workplace performance, while costing less than almost any other retention or perk based product on the market.

Cost per employee per month. Panda price based on mid-size client, with standard package.

The world's most innovative companies use Panda


Keep a finger on the pulse

Track staff scores daily

Panda lets you see your staff's aggregated daily scores as they move, allowing you to better track and invest in their wellness and understand flight risk.

“Panda led to a 15% month-on-month improvement for users who used the app twice a week”

James Gaylard – Mathematician
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