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The world is suffering from a mental health pandemic. It will cost the world $16 trillion p.a. by 2030, and impacts almost 1 billion people annually. This pandemic is not only impacting individuals and families, but it also creates a massive burden on business.

Join our team to help solve these problems.

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Laravel PHP Developer

Panda Health is seeking a skilled Laravel PHP Developer to join their team in Johannesburg or Cape Town, South Africa, on a full-time basis. The company is focused on addressing the global mental health pandemic and is looking for someone passionate about Laravel and revolutionizing the mental healthcare industry. The responsibilities include Laravel development, code optimization, integration of frontend and backend functionalities, collaboration with UI/UX designers and product managers, dashboard and reporting development, and testing and debugging. The required qualifications include a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or 5 years of Laravel experience, technical proficiency in Laravel, Livewire, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, strong collaborative and problem-solving skills, and excellent communication abilities. Bonus qualifications include experience with Vue, Inertia.js, React, dashboarding, reporting, and analytics. The position offers the opportunity to be part of a transformative team, a competitive salary and benefits package, an engaging work environment with professional growth opportunities, the ability to work from home with a provided laptop, and extensive opportunities to work with companies like OpenAI and Anthropic.

Sure based on the job description provided the 5 key skills required for the Laravel PHP Developer position at Panda Health are: 1. Laravel development 2. Code optimization 3. Integration using frontend and backend technologies 4. Collaboration with UI/UX designers and product managers 5. Testing and debugging.
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Sales Dev Representative (SDR) / Business Dev Representative (BDR)

Sure, here's a summary of the job description for the Sales Development Representative (SDR) / Business Development Representative (BDR) position at Panda Health: Panda Health is seeking a highly motivated SDR/BDR to join their sales team in Johannesburg, South Africa. The role involves generating leads, qualifying prospects, and engaging with decision-makers to drive sales growth. Responsibilities include lead generation, qualification and discovery, pipeline nurturing, sales process management, collaboration with sales and marketing teams, sales intelligence usage, market research, and reporting. Qualifications include proven B2B sales experience, cold calling expertise, CRM management skills, strong communication abilities, sales funnel knowledge, marketing database expertise, email marketing proficiency, results orientation, and familiarity with sales intelligence tools. This full-time position offers a work-from-home environment with 2 in-office days per week.

Based on the job description provided the 5 key skills for the Sales Development Representative (SDR) / Business Development Representative (BDR) role at Panda Health are: 1. Lead Generation Qualification and Discovery 2. Pipeline Nurturing Sales Process Management 3. Collaboration Sales Intelligence 4. Market Research Reporting 5. Cold Calling Expertise CRM Management
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Organizational Psychologist/Organizational Effectiveness Consultant/HR Specialist

Summary: Panda Health, a rapidly growing startup focused on enhancing workplace mental health, is seeking an experienced and motivated individual to join their team as an Organizational Psychologist/Organizational Effectiveness Consultant/HR Specialist in Johannesburg, South Africa. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing expert guidance to clients in areas such as organizational effectiveness, team performance, and HR strategies, while also contributing to product development and high-value sales processes. Key responsibilities include B2B consulting, sales leadership, customer success, product development, HR buying processes, organizational efficiency, staff wellness, data analysis, and thought leadership. The ideal candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree in psychology, organizational behavior, human resources, or a related field, along with 5 years of proven experience in B2B consulting, HR, organizational effectiveness, or a similar role. Strong interpersonal, communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills, as well as a passion for promoting workplace mental health, are essential qualities for this role.

1. B2B Consulting Sales Leadership Customer Success Product Development Data Analysis
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React Native Mobile Application Developer

Summary: Panda Health is seeking full-time React Native developers in Johannesburg or Cape Town, South Africa, to work on a mental health mobile application aimed at addressing the global mental health crisis. The successful candidate will collaborate with a high-performance team in a startup culture, creating and maintaining features for the mobile app that connects to a Python backend. The role requires expertise in React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js, and familiarity with UI/UX designs and wireframes. Experience with remote work, Python, REST-based APIs, and machine learning is beneficial. This position offers career growth opportunities, competitive compensation, stock options, and the chance to work on meaningful projects related to mental health.

Certainly! Here are the 5 key skills for the job description: 1. React Native 2. JavaScript 3. UI/UX design 4. REST-based APIs 5. Remote work
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Product Designer

Summary: Panda Health, a company dedicated to addressing the global mental health pandemic, is seeking a talented Product Designer to join their team in Johannesburg, South Africa. The role involves collaborating with cross-functional teams to design and develop user-friendly, visually appealing, and accessible digital products including mobile apps, websites, content, and PDFs. The ideal candidate will have a strong portfolio in product design, proficiency in design and prototyping tools, a solid understanding of user-centered design principles, familiarity with accessibility standards, excellent communication and collaboration skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced, agile environment. Experience in healthcare and a passion for addressing mental health challenges are desirable. This full-time position offers a remote work environment with 2 in-office days per week in Johannesburg.

Sure here are 5 key skills for the Product Designer position at Panda Health: 1. User-centered design principles visual design prototyping 2. Understanding of accessibility standards and best practices 3. Communication and collaboration with cross-functional teams 4. Problem-solving and detail-oriented mindset 5. Experience in agile development environment and startup culture adaptability

Our values

Ensuring that everyone has access to the right mental health support & resources at the right time.

Walk through walls
We strive to revolutionize the mental health industry through relentless problem-solving and a strong work ethic, fostering a culture of ownership and commitment to growth.
Challenge the status quo
We revolutionize industries by challenging the status quo and embracing first principle thinking for efficient solutions in our systems and products.
Customer Obsession
We prioritize delivering exceptional experiences for our diverse users while scaling effectively, ensuring we go above and beyond to support those in need, especially the vulnerable.
Open and honest dialogue
Embrace respectful disagreement and radical candor, commit to the best ideas, and assume good intent to foster success and growth.
We are all team players
We prioritize teamwork, leveraging our strengths and learning from one another while fostering a respectful environment that empowers success for all.
Always be learning
We embrace accountability and learn from our mistakes, fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement.