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Frequently asked questions

Is Panda really free?

Many features within Panda are available for free. The Forest, assessments and content library are all free for South Africans.

Do you partner with businesses?

Yes, absolutely. See our Business page for more information or get in touch with our team.

Can I be anonymous?

Many features (including the Forest) do not require identification. Other features like one-on-one sessions do, but you manage what information you provide.

Can I use Panda anywhere?

Currently Panda is available primarily in South Africa, but we are launching in the US in the next few months!

How can I create an account?

Download the app on the App Store or Play Store and sign up when you first launch it.

Do you offer phone or chat support?

Yes, Panda does offer one-on-one chats within the application. You need to book and select an appropriate time, and then join to chat.