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Holy Saturday

on 2023-04-08 (2 weeks from now)

Holy Saturday in Australia is the day before Easter Sunday and marks the end of the Lenten season. It is traditionally a time of prayer and reflection, and is often celebrated with church services or special activities in the home. Many churches hold services of darkness that emphasize the darkness that surrounded the death of Jesus before his resurrection. Other activities may include decorating eggs, eating special Easter foods, and preparing for the celebration of Easter Sunday.

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How to recognize Holy Saturday at work?

Host a BBQ: Promote team building
Holy Saturday is a great opportunity for teams to come together in a relaxed environment and enjoy a BBQ. This helps to foster team building and promote positive relationships between team members.
Offer discounts: Increase sales
Holy Saturday is a great opportunity for businesses to offer discounts to shoppers. This can help to drive up sales and encourage customers to purchase items they may not have otherwise bought.
Volunteer at a local charity: Build relationships
Holy Saturday is a great opportunity to volunteer at a local charity, as it allows individuals to build meaningful relationships with the people they are helping. By working side by side on a special day like Holy Saturday, volunteers can foster relationships with their community and those they are serving, creating a deeper connection.
Participate in a local parade: Increase visibility
Holy Saturday is a great opportunity for community members to come together and celebrate. Participating in a local parade on this day can help increase the visibility of the local community and the activities taking place in the area.
Hold a special event: Increase customer engagement
Holding a special event on Holy Saturday in Australia can help increase customer engagement by making the event more meaningful and special, as well as providing customers with a unique opportunity to partake in something different. Additionally, customers will feel a greater sense of connection and loyalty to the business by being invited to participate in a holiday-themed event.
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