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Reconciliation Day

on 2023-05-29 (2 months from now)

Reconciliation Day in Australia is a day of national observance to commemorate and celebrate the unique relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous Australians. It is held annually on the third Tuesday of May and is an opportunity to reflect on Australia’s shared history and to promote a more unified and harmonious future. It is an important symbol of respect and understanding between the two cultures, and a chance to recommit to working together to create a better Australia.

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How to recognize Reconciliation Day at work?

Acknowledge Indigenous history: Respectful education.
Reconciliation Day serves as an important reminder to Australians to acknowledge the history and culture of the Indigenous people of the land. It also provides an opportunity to learn about Indigenous history through respectful education.
Cultural sharing: Invite Elders to share stories.
Reconciliation Day is an important day for Indigenous Australians to share their culture with the wider community. On this day, Elders are invited to share stories, songs, and experiences with the community in order to foster understanding and cultural sharing.
Engage staff: Provide learning opportunities.
Reconciliation Day provides an opportunity for employers to engage their staff in learning about the culture, history, and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This can be done through providing educational materials, holding discussion sessions, and creating a safe space for employees to share their views and experiences.
Participate in events: Connect with local communities.
Reconciliation Day provides an opportunity for Australians to join together and participate in events that help to build bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, while connecting with local communities. Through these events, Australians can learn more about Indigenous culture and develop a stronger sense of unity and understanding.
Promote reconciliation: Celebrate shared successes.
Reconciliation Day helps to promote reconciliation by providing a day for Australians to come together to celebrate the successes that have been achieved in reconciling Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It is a day for all Australians to reflect on the progress that has been made and to commit to continuing to work together for a reconciled nation.
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