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Public Holiday (July)

on 2023-07-18 (3 months from now)

In Botswana, July is a time for public holidays. The most prominent is the Botswana Day on the 30th of July, which celebrates the country's independence from the United Kingdom in 1966. Other public holidays in July include President’s Day, which is held on the first Monday of July, as well as Sir Seretse Khama Day, which is held on the second Monday of July and commemorates the country’s first president.

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How to recognize Public Holiday (July) at work?

Offer paid time off: Increased morale & productivity
Public Holidays in Botswana offer an opportunity for employees to take paid time off, which can result in increased morale and productivity due to the feeling of appreciation and the chance to rejuvenate and refresh. This can lead to improved job satisfaction and a more productive work environment.
Host a party: Improved team spirit & engagement
A public holiday allows team members to take a break from the day-to-day work and get together to host a party, which can help to improve team spirit and engagement. The party can provide an opportunity for team members to bond and interact with each other in a relaxed atmosphere, making for a more cohesive team.
Give gifts: Improved recognition & appreciation
Public Holiday (July) provides an opportunity for employers to recognize and appreciate their employees with gifts, as it is a day off work and allows for extra time to give gifts. Additionally, employers may offer special discounts on gifts during the public holiday, providing employees with additional incentive to receive gifts and show their appreciation.
Provide lunch: Enhanced team bonding & camaraderie
Public Holidays in Botswana provide the perfect opportunity for teams to bond and build camaraderie over a shared lunch. This helps to foster positive relationships within the team and can provide a boost in morale.
Organize a trip: Promotes relaxation & stress relief
Public Holiday (July) in Botswana provides an excellent opportunity to plan a trip and take some time off to relax and reduce stress. It gives travelers the opportunity to explore different places and enjoy the beauty of Botswana while also taking some time to just take a break and rejuvenate.
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