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Ascension Day

on 2023-05-18 (1 month from now)

Ascension Day is a Christian holiday in Canada that is celebrated 40 days after Easter. It commemorates Jesus’ ascension into Heaven, and is marked with special church services and religious observances. It is a public holiday in some provinces, though not all.

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How to recognize Ascension Day at work?

Host a potluck: Enhance morale.
Ascension Day is a great opportunity to host a potluck, as it is a day of celebration that promotes unity and joy. By hosting a potluck, you can create a sense of togetherness and bring people together, helping to enhance morale in the workplace or community.
Hold a special service: Foster unity.
Ascension Day helps to foster unity by providing a day for special services that bring people together to celebrate and share in the same values. By reflecting on this special day, churches and other places of worship are able to bring people together to recognize and appreciate the significance of Jesus' return to heaven.
Give out special gifts: Show appreciation.
On Ascension Day, Canadians can give out special gifts to show their appreciation for friends, family, and colleagues. This is a great way to recognize and celebrate the importance of the Ascension Day holiday in Canada.
Set up a day off: Allow rest.
Ascension Day in Canada provides an extra day off of work, allowing people to rest and enjoy a break. This day off also provides an opportunity for people to take part in special religious services and ceremonies.
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