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Architecture Day

on 2023-06-24 (3 months from now)

Architecture Day in Germany is an annual event that celebrates the country's architectural heritage. During the day, a variety of activities are held in different cities, including lectures, exhibitions, tours, and workshops. The aim of the event is to increase public awareness of the importance of architecture and its role in shaping the built environment. On this day, many of Germany's famous structures are open to the public, including the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building in Berlin.

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How to recognize Architecture Day at work?

Organize tours of historic architecture: Engagement, Education.
Organizing tours of historic architecture on Architecture Day helps to engage the public in the appreciation and understanding of important structures, as well as provide educational opportunities to learn more about these important sites. By offering these tours, individuals can gain a greater appreciation for the history and architecture of Germany.
Develop a scavenger hunt: Engagement, Fun.
1. On Architecture Day, participants can search for specific architectural landmarks in their city, making it a fun and engaging scavenger hunt. 2. Participants can also test their knowledge of architecture and the history of their city by finding different types of buildings as part of the scavenger hunt.
Invite experts to speak: Knowledge, Networking.
Architecture Day allows experts in the field to be invited to speak and present their knowledge. This creates an opportunity for networking and collaboration between industry professionals.
Encourage staff creativity: Innovation, Collaboration.
Architecture Day in Germany helps to encourage staff creativity by providing a dedicated platform for innovation and collaboration. It allows for new ideas to be shared and discussed with colleagues, inspiring creative thinking and problem solving.
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