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Constitution Day

on 2023-05-23 (1 month from now)

Constitution Day (Grundgesetztag) is a public holiday in Germany celebrated on May 23rd each year. It commemorates the day in 1949 when the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany was adopted, establishing the modern German state. The day is marked with events and ceremonies, including speeches by politicians, concerts, and other activities. It is a day to reflect on the democratic structure of the country, as well as its commitment to human rights and social justice.

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How to recognize Constitution Day at work?

Host lectures: Increase knowledge
Constitution Day helps to increase knowledge by providing an opportunity to host lectures on the history and importance of Germany's constitution. These lectures give people a chance to learn more about the foundations of the country and its legal system, which can help to foster a better understanding of Germany's government and society.
Organize contests: Engage staff
Organizing contests on Constitution Day can help engage staff and create a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Through contests and other activities, staff can learn more about the history of the German Constitution and celebrate its importance to the nation.
Put up decorations: Boost morale
Decorating for Constitution Day helps to create a feeling of unity and celebration that can help to boost morale. It also serves as a reminder of the rights, values, and laws that make up the German Constitution and the freedoms they offer, inspiring pride and optimism.
Provide commemorative items: Enhance appreciation
Constitution Day in Germany provides commemorative items such as flags, posters, and pins to help enhance appreciation for the German constitution. By providing these items, it helps to remind citizens of the importance of the German constitution and the values it stands for.
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