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King's Birthday

on 2023-06-17 (2 months from now)

King's Birthday is an annual public holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom to commemorate the birthday of the reigning monarch. It is traditionally celebrated on the actual birthday of the monarch and is marked by parades, ceremonies, and other festivities.

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How to recognize King's Birthday at work?

a charity fundraiser.
The King's Birthday is an important day in the United Kingdom, and it has been used as an opportunity to raise money for charities. Many organizations hold special events and fundraisers on this day to increase awareness for their causes and to generate donations.
an outdoor event.
King's Birthday is celebrated as a national holiday in the United Kingdom, making it the ideal time for an outdoor event as the population will have the day off from work and school. Additionally, the summer weather in the United Kingdom at this time of year makes it the perfect season for an outdoor event.
a themed lunch/dinner.
The King's Birthday can be used as a theme for a lunch or dinner, with traditional British dishes such as roast beef, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding, as well as traditional British desserts such as trifle or scones with clotted cream. The decorations could be inspired by the royal theme, with a colour scheme of red, white and blue to create a festive atmosphere.
educational resources.
This day is celebrated with a number of educational activities, such as history lessons and traditional dance performances, which helps to provide students with a variety of educational resources. Additionally, many schools also plan special assemblies to raise awareness of the history and cultural relevance of the King's Birthday, helping to further expand the available educational resources.
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