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Orthodox Holy Saturday

on 2023-04-15 (2 weeks from now)

Orthodox Holy Saturday in the United Kingdom is the day before Easter Sunday. It is a day of solemn reflection and fasting, as well as a day of anticipation as Orthodox Christians look forward to the joy of Easter. On Holy Saturday, Orthodox churches usually serve a special liturgy, which includes a number of special prayers for the dead and for the departed faithful. In some Orthodox churches, the liturgy is followed by a procession around the church singing hymns and carrying lit candles. Orthodox Christians may also observe Holy Saturday by abstaining from certain foods and spending time in prayer and contemplation.

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How to recognize Orthodox Holy Saturday at work?

Provide time off for prayer: Encouraging staff to attend services.
Orthodox Holy Saturday provides an opportunity for staff to take time off to attend religious services or to spend time in personal prayer. This is an important part of the spiritual lives of those who follow the Orthodox faith and ensures that they have time to connect with their faith and with God.
Allow fasting: Respect dietary requirements.
Orthodox Holy Saturday allows people to fast in accordance with their dietary requirements, providing an opportunity to focus on spiritual matters. During the day, those observing the fast are encouraged to get the most out of their day by respecting the dietary needs of others and abstaining from certain food and drink items.
Invite staff to a communal meal: Promote fellowship.
Organizing an Orthodox Holy Saturday meal is an excellent way to invite staff to a communal gathering and promote fellowship. The traditional Lenten dishes shared on this day provide an opportunity for employees to bond and come together as a team.
Offer educational activities: Increase understanding.
Organizations like churches and schools can use Orthodox Holy Saturday as an opportunity to offer educational activities to their community. These activities can help to increase understanding and appreciation of the Orthodox faith and its traditions.
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