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Farmer's Day

on 2023-12-01 (8 months from now)

Farmer's Day in Ghana is an annual celebration that honors the hard work and contributions of the nation's farmers. This special day is marked with parades, speeches, and award presentations to recognize and reward those who feed the nation. It is an important celebration that is appreciated by farmers and citizens alike.

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Connect with Staff

How to recognize Farmer's Day at work?

Field Trips: Educate staff on local farming practices.
Farmer's Day provides a great opportunity for field trips to local farms, where staff can learn first-hand about traditional farming practices and techniques. Through these field trips, staff can gain a deeper understanding of the local agricultural industry and how it contributes to the economy of Ghana.
Local Purchasing: Buy produce from local farms.
Farmer's Day in Ghana encourages people to buy produce from local farms, helping to support the local economy and stimulate the agricultural sector. This is beneficial to both the farmers and consumers, as it allows them to access quality, locally grown produce at a fair price.
Market Days: Sell produce onsite to staff & public.
Farmer's Day provides a platform for farmers to showcase their produce and sell it directly to staff and the public during Market Days. This allows for farmers to increase their profits and make more money from the sale of their produce.
Composting: Encourage staff to compost food waste.
Farmer's Day in Ghana provides an opportunity for farmers to share knowledge about composting food waste and its benefits. This creates an environment that encourages staff to take part in composting activities and reduce the amount of food waste going to landfills.
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