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Founders' Day

on 2023-08-04 (4 months from now)

Founders' Day in Ghana is an annual celebration that honors the nation's founding fathers and pays homage to the country's history. It is marked by parades, speeches, and other festivities. Founders' Day is usually celebrated in early March and is a national public holiday in Ghana.

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How to recognize Founders' Day at work?

Organize a parade: Team building, morale boosting
Organizing a parade on Founders' Day in Ghana is a great way to bring people together and build team morale. The parade also provides an opportunity to celebrate and remember the founders of Ghana, further boosting morale and pride in the team.
Hold a BBQ: Networking, socializing
Founders' Day provides an excellent opportunity for networking and socializing over a barbeque. It is a great way to meet new people, strengthen existing relationships and make new connections.
Provide a free day off: Employee appreciation, relaxation
Founders' Day provides employees with a free day off to relax and appreciate their hard work. The holiday is also an opportunity to recognize the achievements of the founders of Ghana and celebrate the progress of the nation.
Promote local art: Supporting culture, creativity
Founders' Day in Ghana provides an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the country's culture, art and creativity by featuring performances from local artists and musicians. Additionally, it encourages citizens to purchase products from local artisans, helping to promote local art and support the local economy.
Arrange a cultural event: Cultural enrichment, education
Founders' Day in Ghana is a great opportunity to arrange a cultural event that will help promote cultural enrichment and education. Through this event, people can learn more about the history and culture of Ghana and gain a greater appreciation of their own culture.
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