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Global Event

International Equal Pay Day

on 2023-09-18 (5 months from now)

International Equal Pay Day globally is an annual event that takes place on April 2 to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and to advocate for equal pay for women. It is a day to commemorate the progress that has been made in the fight for equal pay and to raise awareness of the inequalities that still remain. The event is used to share stories, resources, and research on pay disparities and to encourage meaningful discussion and action.

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How to recognize International Equal Pay Day at work?

Create equal pay policies: Fairness, Equity, Transparency.
International Equal Pay Day raises awareness of the wage gap between genders and encourages employers to create fair, equitable and transparent pay policies. It encourages dialogue on how to close the wage gap and provides solutions to help employers establish equal pay policies that are fair and just for all employees.
Implement wage transparency and salary tracking.
International Equal Pay Day is a day dedicated to recognizing and raising awareness of the gender pay gap. It helps to implement wage transparency and salary tracking by encouraging employers to review their pay structures and make sure everyone is getting the same pay for the same work.
Implement salary negotiation training.
International Equal Pay Day helps to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and encourages people to take action towards closing the gap. This includes providing salary negotiation training to employees to ensure that everyone is being compensated fairly for their work.
Conduct wage reviews and audits.
International Equal Pay Day helps to focus attention on the importance of conducting wage reviews and audits to ensure that everyone is being paid fairly and equitably. This special day provides an opportunity to assess the current pay structure and make necessary adjustments to ensure equal pay for equal work.
Celebrate and recognize achievements of staff.
International Equal Pay Day can be a great opportunity to celebrate and recognize the achievements of staff by highlighting the progress made toward achieving equal pay for all genders. It is also an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the strides made by employees and organizations in the fight for equal pay.
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