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Global Event

International Anti-Corruption Day

on 2023-12-09 (8 months from now)

International Anti-Corruption Day is a day of recognition and awareness of the fight against corruption globally. This day highlights the importance of eliminating corruption, promoting transparency and accountability, and protecting the public from its damaging effects. The day also serves as an opportunity to discuss strategies for combating corruption in the U.S. and to raise public awareness about this important issue.

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How to recognize International Anti-Corruption Day at work?

Staff Training: Promote anti-corruption policies.
International Anti-Corruption Day serves to raise awareness of the importance of ethical conduct in the workplace and to promote the implementation of anti-corruption policies. It also provides organizations with an opportunity to educate their staff about the risks associated with corruption and to provide them with the necessary training to prevent it.
Compliance Review: Ensure compliance with laws.
International Anti-Corruption Day helps with compliance review by raising awareness of the importance of following laws and regulations. It encourages companies to take proactive steps when it comes to monitoring and reporting any potential violations of laws and regulations.
Education: Raise awareness of corruption.
International Anti-Corruption Day helps to educate people about the effects of corruption and encourages them to take action against it. It also helps to spread awareness about the need for transparency and accountability in all levels of government, business, and civil society.
Dialogue: Facilitate open dialogue on issues.
International Anti-Corruption Day encourages an open dialogue surrounding the issues of corruption and its effects on society. It provides a platform for discussion and discourse that allows for meaningful debate and understanding of the subject.
Reporting: Encourage reporting of corruption.
Reporting corruption is essential in order to prevent and fight it, and International Anti-Corruption Day serves to raise awareness and encourage people to report any corrupt activities they witness. People are urged to report any suspected corruption to the relevant authorities, and International Anti-Corruption Day is a reminder of the importance of doing so.
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