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May Day

on 2023-05-01 (1 month from now)

May Day in Ireland is a national holiday celebrated on the first of May. It is primarily a celebration of the arrival of spring, and is marked by outdoor activities such as dancing around the maypole, fairs, parades, and the crowning of a May Queen. It is also a time for political and social demonstrations, which often coincide with International Workers' Day.

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How to recognize May Day at work?

Provide free lunch: staff morale
May Day helps to provide free lunch to staff and can help to boost morale by showing appreciation for their hard work. Additionally, it can provide an opportunity for staff to enjoy a break from their daily routine and socialize with their colleagues.
Organize outdoor activities: team bonding
May Day in Ireland provides an opportunity for teams to come together and bond through outdoor activities. Group games such as tug-of-war, egg and spoon races, or sack races are all popular ways to get everyone involved and create a sense of camaraderie.
Offer employee discounts: staff appreciation
May Day in Ireland is a great way to show employee appreciation, as businesses can offer discounts to their staff as a way to thank them for their hard work. Celebrating May Day is a fantastic way for employers to show their staff that they are valued and appreciated, and it's a great way to reward them with discounts.
Hold company-wide competitions: team building
May Day in Ireland provides a great opportunity for companies to host team building competitions, such as scavenger hunts, sports tournaments, or creative challenges. This helps to bring employees together and build strong relationships between coworkers.
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