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Tisha B'Av Eve

on 2023-07-26 (4 months from now)

Tisha B'Av Eve in Israel is an annual Jewish observance of mourning and lamentation that commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. The evening is marked by a 25-hour fast, prayer, and reading of Lamentations. On this day, many synagogues and other places of worship are lit with a single light, a symbol of hope. In the evening, special services and prayers are held to remember the destruction of the Temples and other tragedies in Jewish history.

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How to recognize Tisha B'Av Eve at work?

Provide food packages: Promote community.
This day is an opportunity to provide food packages in the community and promote solidarity among the people. Through food packages, we can bring people together around a common cause and create a sense of community.
Fast together: Uplift spirits.
Tisha B'Av Eve is an important day for the Jewish people to come together and reflect on their suffering, which helps to unify them and uplift spirits. By fasting together and sharing stories, this special day helps to strengthen the faith and bring a sense of solidarity and hope to the community.
Offer study sessions: Increase knowledge.
Holding study sessions on Tisha B'Av Eve can be a great way to increase knowledge and understanding of both the day itself and its importance in the Jewish faith. By focusing on learning, individuals can build a stronger connection to the day and deepen their understanding of its meaning and importance.
An evening of prayer: Foster connection.
Tisha B'Av Eve is a special day in Israel that helps foster connection through prayer. This day allows people to come together to reflect and strengthen their relationships through shared prayer.
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