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Global Event

International Equal Pay Day

on 2023-09-18 (5 months from now)

International Equal Pay Day globally is an annual event that falls on a Tuesday in April to recognize the gender wage gap and advocate for wage equality. The day symbolizes how far into the year a woman must work to earn the same amount of money that a man earned in the previous year. The day is meant to draw attention to the wage gap between men and women and to advocate for equal pay.

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How to recognize International Equal Pay Day at work?

Offer equal pay for all employees regardless of gender.
International Equal Pay Day serves to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and the need for equal pay for all employees regardless of gender. This day is a reminder that companies should strive to ensure that all workers, regardless of gender, are given fair wages for their work.
Provide gender-neutral job descriptions.
International Equal Pay Day raises awareness of the wage gap between men and women doing the same job, which helps to create gender-neutral job descriptions that don't give preference to either gender. This increased awareness encourages employers to look objectively at job roles and skillset requirements, allowing them to focus on the ability to do the job rather than gender when creating job descriptions.
Increase transparency in salary negotiations.
International Equal Pay Day helps to increase transparency in salary negotiations by raising awareness on the gender pay gap and encouraging businesses to be more open about their salary rates. It also encourages employees to be more transparent in their salary negotiations and to ask for what they are worth.
Offer mentorship and career development programs.
International Equal Pay Day encourages employers to provide mentorship and career development programs to help close the gender pay gap. It also provides an opportunity for businesses to identify and implement strategies to ensure equitable access to career and professional development opportunities for all employees.
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