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Global Event

International Anti-Corruption Day

on 2023-12-09 (8 months from now)

International Anti-Corruption Day is an annual observance held on December 9th globally. It is a reminder of the importance of preventing and fighting corruption in all its forms, and the need to take decisive steps to end it. The day serves to bring attention to the devastating effects of corruption on society and encourages citizens to make a commitment to combat it. It also serves to recognize the efforts of many individuals and organizations that are working to end corruption.

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Connect with Staff

How to recognize International Anti-Corruption Day at work?

Provide training on compliance policies: Promote ethics & transparency.
International Anti-Corruption Day provides an important platform to raise awareness, promote transparency, and build stronger compliance policies. Through this special day, organizations can provide training on proper compliance policies, as well as promote ethical standards and greater accountability in their operations.
Implement whistleblower program: Encourage reporting of misconduct.
International Anti-Corruption Day helps raise awareness about the importance of implementing whistleblower programs that encourage the reporting of misconduct. This helps to create an environment in which people feel empowered to speak up about unethical practices and hold those in power accountable.
Spread awareness: Educate staff on importance of integrity.
International Anti-Corruption Day is an important opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of integrity in all parts of life. By educating staff, we can ensure that everyone understands the value of ethical behaviour, which is key to preventing corruption.
Hold internal events: Spark dialogue on anti-corruption.
Holding internal events on International Anti-Corruption Day is a great way to spark dialogue and raise awareness about anti-corruption in the workplace. It can also provide an opportunity for employees to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about corruption and how to address it.
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