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Global Event

International Day for People of African Descent

on 2023-08-31 (4 months from now)

International Day for People of African Descent globally is an annual observance to celebrate and recognize the achievements, contributions and culture of African Americans. It is celebrated on the first Monday of December globally, and serves to empower and promote the visibility of African Americans and their culture, as well as raise awareness of the struggles and discrimination they face.

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How to recognize International Day for People of African Descent at work?

Celebrate African culture: Engage in activities that honor African heritage.
This day allows people to come together and celebrate African culture and heritage in a variety of ways. Events, exhibitions, and educational activities are often held to recognize and appreciate the rich history and contributions of people of African descent.
Recognize accomplishments: Acknowledge African American achievements.
This day serves to recognize and celebrate the many accomplishments of African Americans throughout history. It is an opportunity to reflect on the valuable contributions of African Americans and to appreciate their successes.
Host a discussion: Discuss issues related to African American experiences.
International Day for People of African Descent provides an opportunity to reflect on the unique history and experiences of African Americans, and to host discussions on the issues that they have faced in the past and continue to face in the present. By engaging in dialogue and sharing stories, this day helps to create understanding and empathy for the African American experience.
Educate employees: Provide resources to learn about African American history.
This special day helps to provide resources for employees to learn about African American history, and to recognize and honor the people of African descent who have enriched our society throughout history. The resources provided on International Day for People of African Descent can help to educate employees on the importance of African American culture and history.
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