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Corpus Christi

on 2023-06-08 (6 days from now)

Corpus Christi in Mexico is a traditional Catholic celebration that takes place on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday. It is celebrated by participating in processions, honoring the body of Christ, and attending Mass. There is also a tradition of eating tamales and making offerings at the church. People also decorate their homes with banners and flags to commemorate the event. The day also marks the start of summer in Mexico and is celebrated with fireworks and music.

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How to recognize Corpus Christi at work?

Community Service: Promote local charities.
Corpus Christi provides an opportunity for local charities to raise awareness and funds to help support their community. Local businesses often donate a portion of their profits to the charities during this special day, helping to ensure that important resources are available to those in need.
Cultural Engagement: Visit local museums and attractions.
Corpus Christi is an important celebration in Mexico and provides an opportunity to learn more about local culture. Visiting local museums and attractions on this day can help deepen cultural engagement, as it is a time for special festivities, processions, and other traditional activities.
Networking: Attend local business events.
Attending Corpus Christi in Mexico allows business owners to network with local businesses and potential customers. It is a great opportunity to meet and connect with people in the community while also learning more about the local culture.
Team Building: Organize corporate activities.
Corpus Christi in Mexico provides an opportunity for team building activities by providing a unique cultural experience. Companies can use this day to organize activities such as a traditional parade or a special meal to promote team building, unity, and collaboration among employees.
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