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Friday the 13th

on 2023-10-13 (6 months from now)

Friday the 13th is an unofficial holiday globally, and is considered an unlucky day. It is believed that bad luck surrounds this day, and many superstitious people avoid doing anything on this day. The origin of this superstition is unknown, but it is believed to have stemmed from the biblical story of the Last Supper, which featured 13 people at the table.

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How to recognize Friday the 13th at work?

Organize a costume party: Team building, morale boosting
Organizing a costume party on Friday the 13th is a great way to bring teams together in a fun and morale-boosting environment. Wearing costumes encourages team members to share in a common experience, which can help to create a stronger bond between them.
Offer discounts on products: Increase sales, customer loyalty
Offering discounts on products on Friday the 13th is a great way to increase sales and customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to take advantage of discounts on items they want when they know it is a special day, like Friday the 13th.
Host a movie night: Relaxation, entertainment
Friday the 13th is the perfect excuse to have a movie night with friends. The horror genre of movie associated with this day provides a great opportunity for relaxation and entertainment.
Provide free snacks: Show appreciation, camaraderie
On Friday the 13th, providing free snacks for employees is a great way to show appreciation and foster camaraderie. In addition, it is a special way to recognize the day, making it a fun and memorable occasion for everyone.
Have a game night: Fun, connection
Friday the 13th is an excellent day for a game night as it adds a sense of superstitious fun to the evening. It can also provide a fun way for people to connect with each other as they come together to explore the mysterious and the unknown.
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