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Global Event

International Overdose Awareness Day

on 2023-08-31 (5 months from now)

International Overdose Awareness Day is an annual event held globally in August to raise awareness of drug overdose and its prevention. It aims to reduce the stigma of drug-related deaths and to remember those who have died or been affected by drug overdose. It also serves to promote the availability of harm reduction services, such as naloxone, which reverses opioid overdoses. Events are held across the country to promote education and dialogue about drug misuse and overdose.

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How to recognize International Overdose Awareness Day at work?

Provide educational materials: Raise awareness
International Overdose Awareness Day helps to provide educational materials and raise awareness by providing resources and information to those affected by overdose, as well as the general public. This helps to further spread the message of understanding, compassion and action in the fight against overdose.
Host events: Raise visibility
Organizing events for International Overdose Awareness Day helps to raise visibility for overdose awareness and prevention. By having a designated day to talk about the issue, it encourages more conversations and education about the risks and effects of overdose.
Create social media campaigns: Increase reach
International Overdose Awareness Day is a great opportunity to create social media campaigns that can reach a wide audience and bring attention to the issue of overdose and the prevention of drug abuse. Through these campaigns, people can learn about the risks of substance abuse and the resources available to help those in need.
Donate funds: Support causes
Donating funds to organizations that are working to address the issue of overdose can help support various causes dedicated to raising awareness, providing help and resources, and developing preventative measures. It can also give people who have been affected by overdose a platform to share their stories and help raise awareness and educate people about the dangers of drug abuse.
Develop support groups: Foster community
International Overdose Awareness Day helps to foster community by raising awareness of substance use disorders, and by providing an opportunity for people to come together in support groups and share their stories. By breaking down the stigma of addiction, International Overdose Awareness Day is helping to develop a strong, supportive community for people struggling with substance use disorders.
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