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Global Event

International Men's Day

on 2023-11-19 (7 months from now)

International Men's Day globally is observed annually on November 19th. It is a day to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of men in all aspects of life, including social, economic, cultural, and political. The purpose is to focus on men’s health, improve gender relations, promote gender equality, and highlight positive male role models in society. This day serves as a reminder to focus on men’s mental, physical, and spiritual health.

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How to recognize International Men's Day at work?

Facilitate Dialogue: Promote open conversations about men's issues
International Men's Day helps to facilitate dialogue by creating an open space to discuss the issues that specifically affect men. It encourages conversations among different groups of people, allowing them to share their perspectives and experiences and create a constructive dialogue about men's issues.
Raise Awareness: Hold campaigns to spread knowledge of men's issues
International Men's Day can be used as an opportunity to hold campaigns and spread knowledge about men's issues. By raising awareness on International Men's Day, we can work together to create a more equal and inclusive society.
Encourage Support: Offer resources and assistance to male-identifying staff
International Men's Day helps to encourage support by providing resources and assistance to male-identifying staff that can help them to succeed in their lives and careers. It is a day to recognize the challenges and contributions of men and to provide needed support, resources, and assistance to them.
Celebrate Progress: Recognize achievements of male-identifying staff
International Men's Day is a great way to recognize and celebrate the progress and achievements of male-identifying staff. It is a special day that helps to highlight and bolster the successes of male-identifying colleagues, raising awareness of their contributions to the workplace.
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