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Global Event

International Anti-Corruption Day

on 2023-12-09 (4 days from now)

International Anti-Corruption Day globally is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of corruption and the importance of combating it at all levels of society. This day serves as an opportunity to promote integrity, transparency, and accountability in both the public and private sectors. It is a time to highlight the effects of corruption on economic development, governance, and the rule of law, and to emphasize the need for collective action to address this global issue. Organizations and individuals across the United States come together to organize events, workshops, and campaigns aimed at promoting ethical behavior and preventing corruption in all its forms.

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How to recognize International Anti-Corruption Day at work?

Host educational workshops on ethics and reporting corruption.
International Anti-Corruption Day raises awareness about the importance of ethical behavior and the detrimental effects of corruption. By hosting educational workshops on ethics and reporting corruption, people can learn how to identify and address unethical behavior, ultimately contributing to a more transparent and accountable society.
Promotes awareness and ethical behavior among employees.
International Anti-Corruption Day promotes awareness and ethical behavior among employees by highlighting the importance of integrity and transparency in all aspects of business. By acknowledging this day, organizations can engage employees in conversations about the detrimental effects of corruption and the benefits of fostering a culture of honesty and accountability.
Encourage employees to take anti-corruption pledge.
International Anti-Corruption Day serves as a reminder for organizations to promote integrity and honesty among employees, making it an opportune time to encourage them to take an anti-corruption pledge. By actively engaging with this day, companies can emphasize the importance of ethical behavior and foster a culture of accountability, thereby strengthening their commitment to combatting corruption within their workplace.
Fosters a culture of accountability and integrity in the workplace.
International Anti-Corruption Day helps foster a culture of accountability and integrity in the workplace by raising awareness about the negative impact of corruption and emphasizing the importance of ethical behavior. It encourages individuals and organizations to actively engage in anti-corruption measures, thereby promoting a work environment that values transparency and honesty.
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