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Canterbury Anniversary Day

on 2023-11-17 (7 months from now)

Canterbury Anniversary Day is a public holiday celebrated in the Canterbury region of New Zealand on the first Monday of November. It commemorates the founding of Canterbury Province in 1853, and is a day for people to enjoy the culture, history and landscape of the region. Activities include parades, picnics, and concerts, with some areas hosting traditional Maori ceremonies.

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How to recognize Canterbury Anniversary Day at work?

Host a BBQ: Team Building
By celebrating Canterbury Anniversary Day, it gives businesses the opportunity to get together and have a BBQ as a team building activity. This helps to foster relationships between coworkers and build camaraderie within the workplace.
Organize a Fun Run: Exercise & Bonding
Canterbury Anniversary Day provides a convenient day for people to gather for a fun run, as it is a public holiday in New Zealand. This allows participants to take part in a fun, outdoor activity that encourages physical exercise and social bonding.
Take a Field Trip: Education & Networking
Canterbury Anniversary Day is a great opportunity to explore the local culture, history, and landscape of the Canterbury region. It also provides an excellent networking opportunity to meet and discuss with people from the local area.
Hold a Potluck: Socializing & Sharing
Canterbury Anniversary Day provides an ideal opportunity for people to get together and host a potluck. It is a great way for people to socialize and share their favorite dishes with friends and family.
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