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Easter Sunday

on 2023-04-09 (1 week from now)

Easter Sunday in Sweden is typically celebrated with a traditional Easter breakfast, followed by church services and family gatherings. In the evening, bonfires are often lit in the streets, and children dress up and go door-to-door singing Easter songs in exchange for candy and chocolate. Traditional Easter dishes include pickled herring, boiled eggs and Jansson's temptation (a potato casserole).

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How to recognize Easter Sunday at work?

Egg Hunt: Increase Morale
Easter Sunday in Sweden is a special day for families to come together and participate in activities such as the traditional egg hunt. This helps to increase morale by providing an opportunity for children to have fun and enjoy the holiday festivities together.
Easter Brunch: Foster Team Bonding
Easter Sunday in Sweden provides an opportunity for businesses to foster team bonding and camaraderie by hosting an Easter Brunch. This gives employees a chance to spend some quality time together outside of the office, helping to build relationships and team cohesion.
Easter Crafts: Boost Creativity
Easter Sunday in Sweden is an ideal time to bring out the craft supplies and get creative with the family. It is a perfect opportunity to make Easter-themed decorations and gifts, and it can be a fun and creative way to spend the day.
Easter Games: Enhance Communication
Easter Sunday in Sweden is a great opportunity for families and friends to gather together and play games to foster communication and connection. By playing these games on Easter Sunday, it allows people to strengthen their relationships and build trust with one another.
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