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Holy Saturday

on 2023-04-08 (2 weeks from now)

Holy Saturday, or Påskdagen, is the third day of the Easter Triduum in Sweden. It is a day of reflection and anticipation, commemorating the day before Jesus' resurrection. In some churches, a sunrise service is held early in the morning to mark the beginning of the day. Many Swedes spend the day visiting family and friends for an afternoon meal and Easter egg hunt. During the evening, people often light candles in remembrance of Jesus' death and resurrection.

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How to recognize Holy Saturday at work?

Free breakfast: Promote well-being
Holy Saturday in Sweden helps promote well-being by providing a free breakfast for those in need. This helps to ensure that people are getting the nutrition that they need to stay healthy and strong.
Flexible working hours: Increase staff morale
Holy Saturday in Sweden is a day in which many employers allow their employees to take a break from work, creating a more flexible working environment. This helps to increase staff morale by allowing them to take a break and reset, which can lead to increased productivity and enthusiasm for their job.
Church visits: Foster spiritual growth
Holy Saturday in Sweden is a special day dedicated to reflecting on the events of Christ's death and resurrection. It provides the perfect opportunity for church visits to foster spiritual growth and further explore the meaning of Easter.
Outdoor activities: Nurture team relationships
Holy Saturday in Sweden is a day of outdoor activities, which helps to nurture team relationships by encouraging people to engage in activities with their friends or colleagues in the outdoors. This creates an opportunity for teams to bond in a fun and positive atmosphere, strengthening relationships and fostering camaraderie.
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