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Second Advent Sunday

on 2023-12-10 (8 months from now)

Second Advent Sunday in Sweden is celebrated on the second Sunday before Christmas Day. It is a time of gathering with family and friends, often accompanied by traditional Swedish foods such as lussekatter (saffron buns) and glögg (mulled wine), as well as decorations and carols. People often light candles in the windows to welcome the coming of Christmas.

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How to recognize Second Advent Sunday at work?

Offer Special Discounts: Increased Sales
Second Advent Sunday provides an incentive for businesses to offer special discounts and promotions in order to increase sales. This helps spur consumer spending and helps businesses to maximize their profits during the Christmas season.
Serve Traditional Food: Cultural Appreciation
Second Advent Sunday provides an opportunity for Swedes to come together to share traditional Swedish food, thus celebrating and appreciating their cultural heritage. It is a day of gathering and feasting, with family and friends, to honor the Swedish culture and show respect for its values and traditions.
Plan Fun Activities: Team Building
Second Advent Sunday provides a great opportunity for team building activities such as organizing a potluck, going on a winter hike, or holding a game night. It can be a great way for teams to bond and build relationships during the holiday season.
Give Away Gifts: Improved Morale
Second Advent Sunday is a special day in Sweden that encourages people to give away gifts to others in order to spread joy and love. Through this act of kindness, morale is improved as people are reminded of the importance of giving to others and of being generous.
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