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Whit Sunday

on 2023-05-28 (1 month from now)

Whit Sunday (Pingstdagen) is a Christian holiday in Sweden celebrated on the seventh Sunday after Easter. It is a day of rest and contemplation, with many churches holding special services. The holiday is also celebrated with outdoor activities such as picnics and barbecues.

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How to recognize Whit Sunday at work?

Organize picnic: Team Building
Whit Sunday in Sweden provides an excellent opportunity for team building activities such as picnics. It is a perfect time for everyone to come together and enjoy food and conversation in a relaxed, outdoor setting.
Outdoor activities: Skill Development
Whit Sunday provides Swedes with a long weekend to practice outdoor activities and hone their skills. This extended break from work and school allows people to build on their outdoor skills and gain a greater appreciation for the natural environment.
Gift baskets: Employee Appreciation
Whit Sunday is a special day in Sweden and it is an ideal time to show your employees appreciation and gratitude by gifting them with a special basket of goodies, such as chocolates, flowers and other tokens of thanks. This is an excellent way to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.
Fireworks show: Community Engagement
Whit Sunday is a special day in Sweden that allows people to come together and enjoy a fireworks show. This helps to promote community engagement and provides a fun, safe way for people to celebrate.
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