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Easter Monday

on 2023-04-10 (1 week from now)

Easter Monday in Uganda is a public holiday celebrated with a variety of religious, cultural and social activities. Churches hold special services and masses, while families come together to enjoy traditional dishes, sing and dance. In some parts of the country, traditional plays and other performances are held. People also visit friends, family and neighbors to exchange Easter eggs and other treats.

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How to recognize Easter Monday at work?

Egg Hunt: Fun and team building
Easter Monday in Uganda is the perfect time to participate in an egg hunt, which can be both fun and a great opportunity for team building. An egg hunt is a great way for families, friends, and colleagues to work together and have a good time while playing a game.
Gift Exchange: Encouraging staff engagement
Easter Monday provides a great opportunity for employers to organize a staff gift exchange, as it is a day when everyone is off work and can come together for a fun activity. This encourages team building, as staff members can interact and get to know each other better in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Easter Lunch: Bonding and morale boost
Easter Monday is a great day for families and friends to come together and share a special meal. It is a great opportunity for people to bond, boost morale, and create lasting memories.
Movie Night: Relaxation and reward
Easter Monday in Uganda provides a great opportunity for a movie night, as it is a day off from work and school and a chance to rest and relax. This special day can also be used as a reward for hard work, allowing people to take time off and enjoy some entertainment.
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