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Friday the 13th

on 2023-10-13 (6 months from now)

Friday the 13th is an unofficial holiday globally, where people believe that it is unlucky and superstitious. On this day, many people avoid making important decisions or taking risks, such as traveling, moving, or starting a new project. Many people also worry about the possibility of something bad happening to them on this day.

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How to recognize Friday the 13th at work?

Costume Contest: Boost morale
Friday the 13th is a fun, spooky day which can be used as a chance to encourage employees to dress up and participate in a costume contest. This helps to boost morale in the workplace, as it gives everyone the chance to dress up and have a bit of fun in the office.
Frightening Movie Marathon: Team-building
Friday the 13th is the perfect day to host a frightening movie marathon as a team building exercise. By watching horror films together, everyone can bond over a shared experience and enjoy a good scare!
Special Lunch: Increase camaraderie
Friday the 13th provides an opportunity for people to come together and enjoy a special lunch with one another. It can be a time to share stories, have a laugh, and create a sense of camaraderie and connection in the workplace.
Themed Games: Encourage creativity
Friday the 13th is a great opportunity to encourage creativity when it comes to themed games. With its spooky and superstitious nature, it can be used as a basis for creating a unique and memorable experience for players.
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