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Global Event

International Anti-Corruption Day

on 2023-12-09 (1 week from now)

International Anti-Corruption Day globally is an annual observance to raise awareness of the devastating effects of corruption and to promote transparency, accountability, and integrity in the public and private sectors. The day is marked by various events and activities such as public awareness campaigns, anti-corruption workshops, and the unveiling of new anti-corruption initiatives. The day also serves as an opportunity to recognize individuals and organizations who are leading the fight against corruption in the US and around the world.

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How to recognize International Anti-Corruption Day at work?

Host Ethics Training: Improve Awareness
International Anti-Corruption Day helps to improve awareness of the importance of ethical behavior by raising public consciousness to the issue of corruption. This heightened awareness can then be leveraged to promote ethical behavior in the workplace through host ethics training.
Establish Clear Guidelines: Foster Compliance
International Anti-Corruption Day raises awareness of the need to establish clear guidelines and to foster compliance with those guidelines, helping to prevent corruption in the United States. This day also serves as a reminder to organizations and individuals that adherence to the established regulations and laws is necessary to maintain an ethical and transparent society.
Implement Policies: Prevent Corruption
International Anti-Corruption Day serves as an important reminder to governments to implement and enforce policies that prevent corruption. It also encourages citizens to hold their leaders accountable for taking the necessary steps to ensure that their public institutions remain free of corruption.
Monitor Activity: Enhance Transparency
International Anti-Corruption Day helps to monitor activity and enhance transparency by raising awareness and encouraging public participation in the fight against corruption. It also serves as a reminder to governments, businesses, and citizens to take a stand against corruption and demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability.
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