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National Tartan Day

on 2023-04-06 (5 days from now)

National Tartan Day is a special day celebrated in the United States to recognize the contributions of Scots and Scottish Americans to the United States. It is celebrated on April 6th, the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, Scotland’s declaration of independence. Events are held across the country with parades, music, dancing, and other festivities to honor Scottish heritage. It is a day for all Scots and those of Scottish descent to come together and celebrate their culture and ancestry.

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How to recognize National Tartan Day at work?

Provide Tartan-themed apparel: Promote team unity
National Tartan Day provides people with a special opportunity to wear tartan-themed apparel to promote team unity and bring attention to their shared Scottish heritage. Wearing tartan-themed apparel on National Tartan Day helps to bring people together and celebrate their shared history and culture.
Host a Tartan-themed lunch: Increase morale
National Tartan Day is a great way to show appreciation to staff and to increase morale in the workplace. Hosting a Tartan-themed lunch on this special day can help make employees feel appreciated and create a fun and positive atmosphere.
Set up an interactive photo booth: Encourage creativity
Having a National Tartan Day photo booth would be a great way to encourage creativity, as participants can experiment with different tartan plaids and colors to create their own unique look for the day. Offering tartan-inspired props, such as hats and scarves, would also add to the creative atmosphere and make the photo booth experience even more fun.
Hang Scottish flags: Celebrate culture
National Tartan Day is a special day to celebrate Scottish culture and heritage by hanging Scottish flags. This day gives Americans an opportunity to honor and recognize Scottish contributions to the United States.
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