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Yom HaShoah

on 2023-04-18 (4 weeks from now)

Yom HaShoah is a day of remembrance observed in the United States to honor the victims of the Holocaust. It is observed on the 27th day of Nisan, the same date as the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. On this day, Holocaust survivors, their families, and people of all faiths gather to remember the millions of Jews and other victims who perished in the Holocaust. People are encouraged to light a candle, recite a prayer, and take a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Holocaust.

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How to recognize Yom HaShoah at work?

Host a Holocaust Remembrance Day event: Promote understanding, education, respect
Yom HaShoah provides an opportunity for people to come together to remember and honor those who were affected by the Holocaust in a meaningful way. By hosting a Holocaust Remembrance Day event, we can promote understanding, education, and respect of the history and the people involved in these events.
Show Holocaust documentaries: Raising awareness, honoring survivors
By commemorating Yom HaShoah, screenings of Holocaust documentaries help to raise awareness and honor the survivors by reminding viewers of the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust. By making these documentaries available to a wider audience, more people can learn of the lessons of the Holocaust and gain a greater understanding of its impact on the world.
Create a Holocaust memorial display: Uplift memories, honor victims
Yom HaShoah provides a day to remember, honor, and mourn the victims of the Holocaust by creating a Holocaust memorial display. This display can be used to uplift the memories of the victims and show respect to those who suffered and perished during the Holocaust.
Encourage staff to volunteer: Connect with survivors, learn history
Yom HaShoah provides an opportunity for staff to volunteer and connect with survivors of the Holocaust. It is a great way to learn the history of this tragic event and show support for those who were affected.
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