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on 2023-10-23 (6 months from now)

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is a Hindu festival celebrated in South Africa with great enthusiasm. It marks the triumph of good over evil and is celebrated with grand prayers, processions, and cultural performances. During the festival, people dress in their traditional attire and visit temples to offer their prayers to Goddess Durga. It is also an occasion for families to come together and celebrate with feasts, games, and traditional dances.

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How to recognize Dussehra at work?

Host a lunch: Improve morale
Hosting a lunch on Dussehra can help to improve morale among co-workers by providing a fun and meaningful way to socialize and connect with one another. It also gives employees the chance to celebrate the traditional Indian festival in a work setting, which can help to foster a sense of belonging and appreciation.
Decorate office: Boost creativity
Decorating the office for Dussehra helps to create a festive atmosphere which encourages creative thinking and collaboration. Adding some traditional decorations such as Rangoli, candles, and diyas can help to inspire the team to think out of the box and come up with creative solutions.
Organise quiz: Enhance teamwork
Organising a quiz on Dussehra gives teams the opportunity to work together collaboratively to discover new things about the holiday and learn more about South African culture. It also encourages team members to think critically and creatively as they compete against one another to answer questions and share their knowledge.
Celebrate with gifts: Increase motivation
Dussehra is a great opportunity for people to express their appreciation for each other by exchanging gifts. This act of giving helps to increase motivation and create a feeling of joy and togetherness among family and friends.
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