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Muharram/Islamic New Year

on 2023-07-19 (3 months from now)

Muharram, or Islamic New Year, is a month-long celebration observed by Muslims in South Africa. During this time, Muslims observe a period of mourning for the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein. This is done through a variety of activities, including fasting, recitation of special prayers, and processions in which people carry flags and banners. In addition to this, many communities also host special events such as lectures, debates, and plays to commemorate the life and martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Muharram is an important religious festival in South Africa and is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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How to recognize Muharram/Islamic New Year at work?

Host a food drive for charity.
Organizations hosting a food drive for charity on Muharram/Islamic New Year can take advantage of the festive atmosphere and generous spirit of this special day to encourage people to donate food items. People celebrating Muharram/Islamic New Year may be more likely to donate as it is a special occasion and they are in a charitable mood.
Distribute leaflets about Muharram/Islamic New Year.
Distributing leaflets about Muharram/Islamic New Year is an effective way to spread awareness of this special day and the cultural traditions associated with it in South Africa. It is also a great way to boost interest and participation in Muharram/Islamic New Year celebrations and activities.
Encourage staff to share their stories and experiences.
By celebrating Muharram/Islamic New Year, staff have the opportunity to share their stories and experiences of the holiday with their colleagues and learn more about each other's cultures. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to staff of the importance of understanding and respecting other cultures and backgrounds in the workplace.
Offer religious-focused seminars for staff.
Offering seminars on Muharram/Islamic New Year can help staff better understand the religious significance of the special day and how it is celebrated in South Africa. Additionally, the seminars can provide staff with knowledge to foster a more inclusive and understanding environment for employees of all backgrounds.
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