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Africa Day

on 2023-05-25 (2 months from now)

Africa Day in Zimbabwe is a national holiday celebrated on May 25th each year. It marks the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 1963, and celebrates the unity, freedom and progress of African nations. Celebrations include parades, concerts, cultural dances, and other festivities. It is an opportunity for Zimbabweans to recognize the importance of the African continent and celebrate their cultural heritage.

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How to recognize Africa Day at work?

Host cultural celebration: Boost morale, foster understanding
Africa Day in Zimbabwe is an opportunity for citizens to come together and celebrate their culture and heritage, providing a sense of pride and unity amongst the population. It also serves as a platform for people to learn about each other's cultural backgrounds, helping to foster understanding and promote peace and goodwill.
Sponsor African charity: Increase visibility, show solidarity
Africa Day in Zimbabwe helps to increase visibility and show solidarity for African charities by providing a platform to spread awareness and raise funds for these causes. It also serves as an opportunity for African citizens to come together to celebrate their culture and show support for the work being done by African charities.
Offer African cuisine: Enhance workplace diversity, encourage dialogue
Africa Day in Zimbabwe provides an opportunity to sample and enjoy African cuisine, which can help to enhance workplace diversity and encourage dialogue between co-workers. It also serves to foster a sense of connection to African culture and appreciation of its unique flavors, which is beneficial for all employees of the workplace.
Organize educational event: Promote awareness, share knowledge
Organizing an educational event on Africa Day in Zimbabwe is a great way to promote awareness and share knowledge about the day and its significance. Through this event, people can better understand the history and culture of Zimbabwe, as well as the importance of Africa Day in the country.
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