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Defence Forces Day

on 2023-08-15 (4 months from now)

Defence Forces Day in Zimbabwe is a national holiday which commemorates the formation of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in 1980. It is celebrated on August 11 each year with parades and other festivities taking place in the capital city of Harare. The celebrations are an opportunity to honor the members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces who have served and sacrificed for their country. It is also a time to remember the many who have lost their lives in service to the nation.

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How to recognize Defence Forces Day at work?

Host a BBQ: Promote camaraderie.
Organizing a BBQ on Defence Forces Day is a great way to promote camaraderie between members of the defence forces, as well as celebrate the important day in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Hosting a BBQ can also be a great way to bring families together and show appreciation for the members of the defence forces who are working to keep the country safe.
Provide Discounts: Boost morale.
Defence Forces Day provides discounts to members of the defence forces as a way of boosting morale and recognizing their service to Zimbabwe. This also helps to encourage enthusiasm and pride in the national defence forces and provides an incentive for members to continue their service.
Organize a Volunteer Day: Foster team spirit.
Defence Forces Day provides a unique opportunity for members of the Zimbabwean community to come together and show their appreciation for their military personnel. Volunteering on Defence Forces Day is a great way to foster team spirit and to demonstrate support for those who have served and are currently serving in the military.
Organize a Parade: Celebrate the armed forces.
Organizing a parade on Defence Forces Day serves as a way to publicly recognize and honor the members of the Zimbabwean armed forces that serve and protect the country. Holding a parade is a great way to celebrate and show appreciation for those who defend Zimbabwe's sovereignty and freedom.
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