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Easter Monday

on 2023-04-10 (1 week from now)

Easter Monday in Zimbabwe is a day of celebration and reflection. It is a day to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to celebrate the hope and joy that are part of the Easter season. On Easter Monday, many Christians attend church services, eat traditional Easter dishes, and exchange gifts. Others may spend the day visiting family, friends, and neighbors. The most popular activity is attending an Easter egg hunt, a fun event where children and adults alike search for hidden eggs and other treats.

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How to recognize Easter Monday at work?

Easter Egg Hunt: Engagement, Fun, Team Building
Easter Monday helps to engage and bring out the fun in an Easter egg hunt, allowing participants to connect with each other in a meaningful and enjoyable way. It also helps to strengthen teamwork as people work together to find the eggs and share in the rewards.
Easter Bonuses: Morale, Appreciation, Recognition
Easter Monday in Zimbabwe provides an extra day of rest and enjoyment for employees, allowing them to relax and spend time with their families. This helps to lift morale and show appreciation to employees for their hard work and dedication to their job, thus providing them with a sense of recognition.
Easter Lunch: Relaxation, Quality Time, Appreciation
Easter Monday in Zimbabwe provides an opportunity to gather with family and friends around a delicious Easter lunch, giving everyone the opportunity to relax, appreciate each other, and spend quality time together. It is a special time to reflect on the Easter season and be thankful for the blessings in life.
Easter Gift Exchange: Bonding, Sharing, Thoughtful Gesture
Easter Monday in Zimbabwe gives people the opportunity to exchange meaningful gifts with family and friends. This is a great way to show thoughtfulness and create a stronger bond between people as they celebrate the holiday together.
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