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Holy Saturday

on 2023-04-08 (2 weeks from now)

Holy Saturday in Zimbabwe is the day before Easter Sunday, the day on which Jesus is believed to have been resurrected. It is traditionally a day for reflection, prayer and fasting. Many people attend church services, which often involve singing, traditional dances, and prayers of thanks. The day is seen as a preparation for the joy of Easter Sunday and its celebration of the resurrection.

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How to recognize Holy Saturday at work?

Plant Trees: Promote sustainability
Holy Saturday is typically celebrated in Zimbabwe by planting trees to symbolize the new life of Easter. This practice helps to promote sustainability by increasing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and providing homes for wildlife.
Offer Free Meals: Provide nourishment
Holy Saturday in Zimbabwe is a special day where families and communities come together to share in the joy of the resurrection. During this day, they also offer free meals to those in need, helping to provide nourishment to those who are less fortunate.
Volunteer Work: Support local communities
Holy Saturday in Zimbabwe provides an opportunity for volunteers to give back to their local communities. Through acts of service, volunteers can make a difference in their community through helping those in need and providing vital resources.
Hold Religious Services: Promote spiritual growth
Holy Saturday in Zimbabwe is an important day for religious services, allowing Christians to reflect on the events of Jesus' death and resurrection and to grow in their faith. It provides an opportunity for Zimbabweans to come together and experience the joy of the Easter season while deepening their spiritual connection with God.
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