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1 month ago 2023-04-04 09:00

Overcoming procrastination to increase productivity

In this Forest session, we will delve into the impacts of procrastination on productivity. We will discuss how to shift our thinking, foster a growth mindset, and increase motivation. Through conversations, activities, and resources, participants will learn strategies to overcome procrastination and create an environment conducive to productivity. Join us to create a plan for success and discover how to reach your goals.

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Senzekile Shongwe
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What will we cover?

Identifying triggers of procrastination.
This Forest session will help you identify the triggers of procrastination and create strategies to overcome it, so that you can increase your productivity.
Improving motivation and focus.
This Forest session can help you develop strategies to stay motivated and focused on your goals, allowing you to be more productive.
Creating productive habits.
This Forest session will provide strategies to help create productive habits and the motivation to stick to them.
Establishing achievable goals.
This Forest session will provide participants with the tools and strategies to establish achievable goals and stay motivated to reach them.

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