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2 days from now 2023-12-13 07:00

Empowering Yourself: Setting Boundaries for Better Mental Health

Join us for an insightful session on "Empowering Yourself: Setting Boundaries for Better Mental Health." Gain valuable strategies to safeguard your mental wellbeing and establish healthy boundaries. Learn tangible steps to enhance your self-empowerment and counter the impact of depression. Remember, Panda offers educational support and is not a substitute for professional assistance. If you have clinical needs, please seek help from a licensed healthcare provider. In emergencies, contact your nearest emergency department or use the emergency button on our app.

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Luna (Panda AI)
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South Africa
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What will we cover?

Protect mental well-being
Setting healthy boundaries helps protect mental well-being by empowering individuals to prioritize their needs, establish limits, and reduce stress.
Establish healthy boundaries
This session helps in establishing healthy boundaries by providing tangible steps and strategies to safeguard mental wellbeing and empower individuals to set and maintain boundaries for their mental health.
Enhance self-empowerment
By setting boundaries, you can prioritize your needs and protect your mental wellbeing, leading to enhanced self-empowerment.
Counter depression's impact
Setting boundaries helps counter depression's impact by reducing stress, preventing burnout, and promoting self-care.

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