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2 months ago 2023-03-30 21:00

Open line with Katlego

Are you seeking guidance and support on your mental health journey? Join us for the Open Line with Katlego, a free, moderated digital group therapy session. Here, you can openly and safely discuss any issues related to your mental health and get answers to your questions from our mental health professional. Let's come together to talk about what helps and hurts your mental health and find ways to improve it.

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Katlego Mphahlele
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What will we cover?

Receive support and guidance.
This session provides a safe and moderated space to receive support and guidance from a mental health professional on your mental health journey.
Discuss mental health issues.
This session provides a safe and supportive space to discuss mental health issues with a mental health professional.
Get answers to questions.
This session provides a safe space to get answers to questions about mental health from a qualified professional.
Find ways to improve mental health.
This Forest session provides a safe, moderated space to discuss how to find ways to improve mental health.

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