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How to rebuild self-esteem after trauma

Join us for a free Forest session to discuss rebuilding self-esteem after trauma. Our panel of professionals will help you gain insight into how to improve your self-confidence and foster a healthier relationship with yourself and others. Learn how to cope with the effects of trauma and make lasting changes to your perception of yourself. With the help of our professionals, you can gain the tools and knowledge to build up your self-esteem and move forward.

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What will we cover?

Developing resilience
This session will help you develop the resilience needed to overcome the effects of trauma and rebuild your self-esteem.
Understanding triggers
This Forest session can help you identify and understand triggers that may be causing difficulty in rebuilding self-esteem after trauma.
Gaining insight
This Forest session will provide insight into effective coping strategies and techniques to help rebuild self-esteem and improve relationships after trauma.
Establishing healthy relationships
This session can help you gain the understanding and tools to build healthy relationships with yourself and others.

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