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Managing relationship stress

Are you struggling with relationship stress and want to learn how to better manage it? Join us for our free "Managing Relationship Stress" session. In this session, we will explore strategies for coping with stress in relationships, including self-care, stress management techniques, and seeking support. We will discuss how to navigate relationship stress and develop resilience in relationships. Gain insight and develop the skills to better manage relationship stress and build resilience in your relationships. Connect with our mental health professional and join us for this free session.

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Aneeqa Abrahams
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What will we cover?

Improving self-care
This session provides strategies and techniques to help improve self-care in order to better manage relationship stress.
Learning stress management
This session will provide you with the tools to better manage stress in relationships, develop resilience, and gain insight into how to navigate relationship stress.
Finding support networks
This session provides you with the opportunity to connect with a mental health professional and with other participants, giving you support and guidance in managing relationship stress.
Building relationship resilience
This session can help you to build resilience in your relationships by exploring strategies for coping with stress, developing stress management techniques, and seeking support.

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