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3 days ago 2023-05-29 11:00

Understanding why certain things keep happening in your life

In this Forest session, we will investigate why certain situations and behaviors tend to recur in our lives, as well as how they contribute to intensifying our emotional state. By developing an understanding of these repeating patterns and their effects on our emotional wellbeing, we can better equip ourselves to break away from them and gain control over our reactions. Join us to learn how to break free from these patterns and gain more control over your emotions.

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Sizwe Savale
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What will we cover?

Recognizing repeating patterns.
This session will help you recognize repeating patterns in your life, so that you can take steps to break away from them and gain control over your emotions.
Identifying triggers.
This Forest session can help you identify triggers and patterns that are causing negative emotions, so you can take steps towards breaking free from them.
Understanding emotional effects.
This session provides the tools and knowledge to help understand and break away from patterns that can cause emotional distress, enabling a greater sense of control over one's emotions.
Gaining control over reactions.
This Forest session will help you gain insight and understanding into why certain situations and reactions keep happening, so you can take steps to break away from them and gain control over your reactions.

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